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Lonseal Flooring – Not Just For Boats: Exhibits, Decking and Vehicles

When you think of Lonseal flooring, what comes to your mind? Most likely you think of your boat floor, but there is more to Lonseal than marine flooring. It has a wide range of applications, from use in entertainment and exhibitions to outdoor decking and in specialty vehicles.

Exhibits and Entertainment

Did you know that the amazing flooring on the stage of the famous American Idol television show is Lonseal? You do now! Many stages in the entertainment world use Lonseal flooring because of its versatile and unique qualities.

Exhibitors at trade shows also choose Lonseal for their surface needs. Because of the high foot traffic present in these events, durable and high-performance flooring is needed to maintain a clean, aesthetically pleasing look. Lonseal vinyl sheets provide great sound absorption, which helps to make conversations in a trade show space easier.

Exterior Decking

Londeck is a Lonseal product uniquely designed for exterior use. It is waterproof to suit its special area of application. It is ideal for use in both sundecks and balconies. This slip-resistant sheet vinyl decking is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, high-volume traffic and exposure to abrasion.


Many specialty vehicles use Lonseal flooring, Loncoin flooring in particular. Examples of those vehicles include

  •  Emergency vehicles, such as firetrucks and ambulances
  •  Multi-passenger vehicles
  •  recreational vehicles like RVs and vans.

Lonseal specialty flooring does the job right on all of them because of the following features;

  • smooth finishes that have been embossed to reduce slip,
  • sound dampening features
  • antimicrobial and eco-friendly properties

Lonseal is a great solution for your specialty vehicles.

Your Eco-Friendly Partner

PlasTEAK has you covered for all your recycled plastic products needs. We provide solutions to help all of us keep our environment safe. Contact us today for more information.

If you are looking for stylish, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly flooring that requires very little maintenance, be sure to check out our selection of Lonseal vinyl products.

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