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What is Lonseal?

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Lonseal is a flooring manufacturer that has been developing and selling high quality vinyl flooring for commercial and recreational use since 1971. Their products have many applications. They are the ideal material for many interior boat flooring projects. However, their products are also used by hospitals and healthcare/assisted-living facilities, entertainment venues, airports and airplanes, marinas (on and off-boat) and anywhere a high-traffic, non-slip surface is needed.

Our marine-grade boat flooring options include two products from the LonSeal collection. We carry Loncoin by Lonseal, an iconic Lonseal product you’ve likely encountered in airports/airplanes and hospitals. We also carry Lonseal Lonplate Diamond Plate Flooring, which features a diamond pattern typically associated with industrial diamond steel plating. These flooring options are used by both boat manufacturers (installed OEM) and consumers (installed after-market) to give boats the tough, non-skid interior flooring they need for years of safe footing and easy clean-up.

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