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PlasTEAK News and Articles Category: General

Winterizing Your Boat For Cold Weather Storage

November 15, 2022

We have reached that time of year when boat owners in cold weather climates are ready to put their crafts into storage for the winter (in the Northern hemisphere at least). Preparing your boat for the cold season is vital to maintaining its structural integrity, operability, and appearance. Different boats have different needs, and you … Continue reading “Winterizing Your Boat For Cold Weather Storage”

How Speed Bumps are Utilized to Aid in Traffic Regulation

January 5, 2022

The likelihood of vehicular-related accidents or collisions has grown since the total traffic volume has increased. When the traffic density is high enough, manual monitoring of speed compliance comes at a difficulty. According to Traffic School Online, speed humps were initially used in the United States in 1983 for the purpose of encouraging automobiles to drive … Continue reading “How Speed Bumps are Utilized to Aid in Traffic Regulation”

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