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Lonseal Flooring – Not Just For Boats: Education, Retail and Military Applications

Plastics cause environmental concerns, not only on land but also in marine environments, where pollution hurts the ecosystems in our oceans. PlasTEAK advocates for sustainable boat flooring,  including durable Lonseal marine-grade flooring, which offers quality, skid-resistant designs with increased resilience and low maintenance. But our Lonseal flooring isn’t limited to boats. It’s also perfect for use in other commercial and industrial sectors, delivering the same design quality and textured embossing or smooth sheets for high-traffic environments.

Commercial and Industrial Applications of Lonseal Flooring

Besides its widespread application in marine vessels, Lonseal flooring also provides an excellent flooring material for a range of commercial and industrial sectors.


The military operates in harsh conditions that call for the use of tough and durable materials. Lonseal products are designed to offer military-grade flooring in various military applications, from transport vessels (such as military tracks, troopships, and air cargo) to computer rooms and military mess. Lonseal manufactures its product lines with a keen eye for details to produce highly-specialized products that pass rigorous quality testing and requirements. It’s highly compatible with military-specific requirements, including:

  • High slip-resistance
  • Noise reduction and sound-proofing
  • Foot cushioning
  • Electrical grade

Corporate and Education Sectors

Lonseal high-quality, high-performance sheet vinyl is a great flooring option for corporate offices and education facilities, providing unique, smooth patterns, and colors that resonate with consumers.

  • Lonseal Education Flooring – Lonseal prioritizes student safety. Education flooring products combine their proprietary GreenAir® and GreenMedic® microbial-resistant formulation. They are also designed to offer high friction, preventing learners from slipping and falling.
  • Lonseal Corporate Flooring – Installing flooring materials in a commercial building is a huge investment. That’s why our vinyl sheet products are manufactured with top-level craftsmanship to provide our corporate consumers with long-lasting, aesthetic, and wear-resistant flooring materials to withstand the high traffic in office settings.

Retail and Hospitality

As a manager of a retail store, F&B outlet, or accommodation establishment, you need flooring products that look great, perform well, and are low maintenance. Lonseal flooring checks all those boxes.

  • Retail Flooring – Beside providing the backdrop for the merchandise on sale, retail flooring also impacts a store’s atmosphere and sets the general tone. Additionally, it influences consumers’ purchase decisions, considering the marriage between customer and retail-store aesthetics.

Lonseal researches the best flooring materials, patterns, and colors that have the highest impact on customers to maximize foot traffic in your store while maintaining safety. Our retail flooring materials are designed for comfort. Your customers will experience exceptional cushioning and safety with each step they take in your store as they browse through your products.

  • Restaurant and Hospitality Flooring – We extend the same level of detail and attention to the flooring products we offer our clients in the food service and hospitality sectors. Maintaining safety in your hospitality establishment is our top priority; we don’t want you to incur costs because of injuries due to slips and falls. That’s the reason we create products with the lowest VOC to prevent slipping. They have high sound-absorbing capabilities, maintaining tranquility in your hospitality setting.

Attributes of our education, corporate, retail, and hospitality products

Lonseal’s products have characteristics that make them suitable for academic institutions, offices, restaurants, and hospitality environments. They include:

  • Slip-resistance
  • Sound absorbtion
  • GreenAir® and GreenMedic® anti-microbial properties
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • A variety of color options
  • CHPS-approved
  • Stain-resistance
  • Reduced risk of injuries

Are you searching for environmental-friendly, aesthetic, safe, and durable flooring material? Partner with PlasTEAK for quality, cutting-edge flooring products that complement your market. Contact us online today and learn more about our recycled plastic and synthetic products.

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