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Lonseal Flooring – Not Just For Boats: Healthcare, Aircrafts and Fitness Centers

Lonseal flooring material is becoming one of the most sought-after flooring options for commercial applications. It is a high-performance and heavy-duty material which is slip-resistant and maintenance-free. That is why it is becoming one of the most popular and the best flooring materials used in various types of establishments. Here are a few reasons why you should use this material for various flooring needs.


The Lonseal flooring materials are known for high performance and sustainability. This is because you can recycle them many times without losing their value. They also offer very low environmental impact and are therefore friendly to your surroundings. Lonseal is durable, and can handle the highest traffic. At the same time, these flooring products do not emit gases, making them among the best to use in your indoor flooring applications. As a result, it works well to improve your room’s indoor air quality.

Greater Hygienic Conditions

Lonseal flooring materials do not allow anything to penetrate it, keeping all contaminants on the surface. This makes it easy to clean the contaminants and keep the floor hygienic.

Resilience and Durability

Lonseal is soft and flexible, and provides exceptional comfort under the feet. That makes it the best to use where people spend much time standing or walking around. It also performs well in high traffic areas under heavy loads, demonstrating its flexibility.

Areas of Application

There are various ways to use Lonseal products:

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Lonseal products are common in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They can withstand high traffic and are easy to clean. These surfaces are hygienic, and do not allow moisture to penetrate them. All you need is to wipe them with cloth and water, though they stand up well to deeper chemical cleaning. You will often find both Loncoin and Lonplate (diamond plate patterned flooring) in many healthcare environments.


Lonseal is lighter compared with other flooring materials and, therefore, suitable for use in aircraft. It is also easy to clean and flame resistant, which is important when your floors are moving across the globe 30,000 feet in the air.

Fitness centers

The Lonseal materials are also non-slip, making them ideas in places where floor grip is essential, such as fitness centers and studios.

If you plan to install Lonseal on your flooring surface, talk to PlasTEAK. We have years of experience with Lonseal materials. For more details, contact us and ask for a free quote.

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