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Goodbye Teak! Teak Trim Replacement on a Pearson 27 Sailboat

Connecticut, USA: Victor Arcellus removed all of the weathered teak on his gorgeous Pearson 27, and replaced it with new PlasTEAK trim including handrails, toe rails, and his companionway hatch boards. The new PlasTEAK trim looks like freshly oiled teak and really dresses up this sailboat. Victor says, “This past couple of months I took on a large project on my P27–I removed all the teak on the deck and replaced it with a product called PlasTEAK. Removing the toe rails was difficult since the screws are not accessible. I cut the toe rails in small sections, turned the wood to unscrew each section, pushed the screws down through the deck, and then sealed the holes before installing the new toe rails. All the teak was sent to PlasTEAK and they replicated the pieces. They were great to work with. It all cost roughly $900 and now I don’t have to care for the teak in order for it to look good. I provide here some before and after pictures.”


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