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Bench Engraving – Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Use the bench below to try out the fonts and lettering to see how your bench can look! Please note that wording added to this bench won’t transfer your order.

<—— Use the product links to the left to add engraving to your bench to your bench order.

Add engraved lettering to your bench HERE

Add colorful epoxy-filled lettering to your bench HERE

Thanks for sending the last few pieces of Fawn trim. It was just what I needed. Don’t know if you guys care much about testimonials, but just in case, I am real pleased with how everything turned out. I sent along a few pictures, it looks much better than the 20 year old carpet it replaced. As soon as the weather cools off, I will be ordering some more teak and holly PlasTEAK to finish off the forward part of the cabin. Thanks again!


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