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Seam Adhesive Kit

The Seam Adhesive Kit includes items necessary to seam multiple sheets for areas wider than 6' (1.83m). NO LONGER COMES WITH DVD.

Weight: 3 lb.

Product Information

This Seam Adhesive Kit includes items that are needed when an area is wider than 6′ (1.83m) and the sheet has to be seamed. The kit includes 4.5 oz. Lonsealer, a roll of Double-Sided Tape, and five Curved Blades.

Lonsealer chemically welds flooring seams or fuses the sheeting to itself. It is a fast-flash solvent supplied in a metal tube that has a ‘needle’ protruding from the nozzle.

A 4.5 oz. (.13kg) tube covers approximately 150-250 linear feet (45.7-76.2m) of seaming, depending on texture.

Our Double-Sided Tape is perfect for marine flooring installations. It’s an aggressive, dry adhesive film that provides a ‘clean zone’ free of adhesive contamination. With some exceptions (as noted below), it must be used under all STRAIGHT seams. Exceptions include: seams to be heat welded the same day, under curve seams or decorative insets, or when patching or repairing. For all chemically welded seams, apply the tape before the underlying adhesive has cured.

Surface must be clean and dry. Dusty surfaces may need to be primed. Protect from freezing or overheating. 12 month shelf life when stored at room temperature in a dry, heated area.

Packaging: Individual rolls 2″ (51mm) wide by 60′ (18.28 m) long.

These Curved Blades are recommended for cutting our marine flooring during installation. You will receive a 5-Pack of Blades.

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