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Recycled Plastic Sign Stock 4ft x 8ft Sheet 1/2in

Want to make your own sign?

Our multi-layer sign stock, used for making custom signs, has recycled content. It is available in many different three layer color combinations. The most popular and readily-available colors are listed below.

Weight: 80 lb.
Part #: T-SS04812

Product Information

For creative designs and long-lasting appearance in signage, use this UV stabilized PlasTEAK sign stock. Milling through the outer layer into a contrasting color core creates highly visible letters and patterns. This durable material maintains its appearance after years of exposure to sub-zero or tropical temperatures, in dry or damp conditions, in corporate, retail, recreational, institutional facilities and grounds. Co-extrusion of the cap and core colors assures no delamination. PlasTEAK sign stock also sets the standard for easy and consistent fabrication with low inherent stress and exceptional flatness.

Spec Sheet: Typical Properties of PlasTEAK Sign Stock

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