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Custom Recycled Plastic Signs

Custom recycled plastic signs.

Weight: varies
Part #: T-SIGN

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Product Information

Resists Weather:

Our signs can take any punishment the weather or climate can dish out. The signs are UV-stabilized and won’t fade or delaminate under direct sunlight. You can expect years of trouble-free service in any climate.

Resists Graffiti:

Our signs are made of non-stick, non-absorbent material that helps protect against damage from markers or spray paint.

Resists Vandalism:

Outdoor signs are especially vulnerable to knocks and bruises from people as well as from nature. Our signs are impact resistant so they will not crack or rip. They’re perfect for thwarting the sticks and stones of mischievous vandals.

Custom Signs:

PlasTEAK can fabricate signs to your specifications and can include logos, special lettering, epoxy-filled lettering, outlining and more. Call our toll free phone number to discuss your needs.

Multi-Layer Sign Stock:

Or, you may order sign stock that has matching outside layers and contrasting centers.

Spec Sheet: Typical Properties of PlasTEAK Sign Stock

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This item is only available by contacting PlasDECK. Call us at 330-668-2587 or email us.

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