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What is Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL)?

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Recycled plastic lumber is lumber that is formed using recycled plastic, though it can contain some new (virgin) plastic as well. It differs from wood and wood/plastic composite lumber in a few specific ways.

First, because it does not contain a wood grain, it is highly resistant to cracking and splitting. The grain you see on recycled plastic lumber pieces is stamped into the plastic for decorative purposes.

Second, because the color of the lumber is uniform throughout the inside of each lumber piece, it requires minimal maintenance to preserve its color and general appearance.

Third, recycled plastic lumber will not decay over time like wood or wood-composite. It retains its structure without softening or becoming brittle in a way that would compromise the integrity of its wood-based counterparts. It resists mold as well as rot, it will retain its shape through all but the most extreme weather conditions.

Recycled plastic lumber samples are available for comparison and testing.

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