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What is the EZ Boat Sole Boat Floor System?

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EZ Boat Sole is a vinyl boat flooring system designed to give boat interiors a soft, durable floor with the look of rich hardwood. It is waterproof and commercial-grade, meaning it can withstand heavy foot traffic and is as appropriate for use on fishing boats, ferries and recreational/party cruise boats as it is on private vessels.

In addition to providing a soft surface underfoot, the padding that backs EZ Boat Sole is an effective noise reducer, and can hide imperfections in the substrate. It is designed for easy installation in tight spaces, narrow corridors, small storage areas, compact stairways and anywhere traditional boat flooring is normally a challenge to install.

EZ Boat Sole features an interlocking panel system that reduces the time and complexity of laying down new boat flooring. The accompanying boat floor installation toolkit provides you with all the tools necessary to install EZ Boat Sole, apart from a razor or similar/preferred cutting tool to shape your boards as needed. EZ Boat Sole boat floor samples are available to test different looks with your existing boat interior.

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