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What is a Boat Ladder?

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A boat ladder is a boat accessory that allows boaters to more easily move off, on and around their boats. They typically extend from the hull or swim platform to-or-under the water line and can be permanently mounted to your boat or added as a retractable/non-permanent installation.

Boat Ladder Materials

Most boat ladders are made using one of two primary materials, stainless steel or rope. Stainless steel boat ladders feature rungs with non-slip rubber coverings that extend 3-4 steps down from a disembarking point on your boat. Rope grab ladders feature rungs made from a variety of materials. We use PlasTEAK recycled plastic lumber rungs with centrally located grab rings that allow boaters to grab the ladder securely without fear of pinched fingers or scraped knuckles.

Boat Ladder Installation/Placement

Boat ladders can be installed in several locations around your boat. They can be placed over the gunwale, installed on top of your swim platform, under your swim platform, or in the case of grab ladders, stationed in convenient spots where boaters can easily pull themselves up over the hull of the boat.

PlasTEAK specializes in over-the-platform swim ladders, under-the-platform swim ladders and rope grab ladders.

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