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What is a Boat Hatch?

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A boat hatch is the covering/portal through which the storage, cargo or additional living space within a boat can be accessed from your boat deck. A well-constructed boat hatch must be waterproof, must support the weight of people and objects placed on it, and must weather the elements to the same degree as the rest of your deck.

A boat hatch is ready to be replaced when it shows signs of crumbling, leaking or rot. Because of its mechanical nature, opening and closing it exposes the boat hatch and surrounding deck to salt water and grime. As a result, the boat hatch is more susceptible to weather damage than the rest of your deck.

Certain boat manufacturers such as Sea-Ray manufacture replacement boat hatches which can be ordered based on your model. When direct replacements are not available, custom boat hatches can be created to match or complement the look of your existing boat deck. If your deck is weathered/worn and difficult to match, consider replacing your current deck with marine-grade boat flooring.

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