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Recycled Plastic for Benches & Tables

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There are many advantages to using recycled plastic as opposed to using other materials, and this article will explain some of the benefits to using recycled plastic as an alternative to traditional wood benches or wood tables.

Easier Upkeep

It’s a lot easier to clean and take care of furniture made of recycled plastic than it is to take care of traditional wooden furniture. You don’t have to worry about painting it, nor do you have to worry about it rotting like a wooden bench or table. Since you don’t have to worry about rot, storing it away for the winter is not a concern. Not only is recycled material more durable than wood, but it is also more durable than regular plastic. On top of all of that, recycled furniture is also more UV-stabilized than its wooden counterparts.

Longer Life Cycle

Thanks to its resistance to different climates, recycled furniture has a much longer life cycle than other kinds of furniture. This can be an advantage financially, as not only is recycled plastic outdoor furniture often cheaper than wooden furniture, but its longer lifespan means you are less likely to have to shell out money for repairs or to replace it.

Less Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution continues to be a major problem in our world today, and the problem is increased tenfold by the fact that it can take plastic hundreds of years to decompose. Recycling plastic material into outdoor furniture is an effective way to cut down on plastic pollution. Just a single bench made of recycled plastic keeps approximately 2000 plastic bottles from being wasted. Buying benches, tables, chairs and rockers made of recycled plastic is an easy and effective way to help the planet.

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