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Parking Blocks: Plastic or Concrete?

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If you have a business that requires a parking lot or a parking garage, you may be considering whether parking blocks are a good way to protect both your business and your customers. Parking blocks can be very beneficial to you, and this article will explain how, as well as the advantages plastic parking blocks have over traditional concrete parking blocks.

Benefits of Parking Blocks

As long as you take care in making sure your parking blocks are properly placed, there are a few benefits you can reap by placing them in your parking lot or parking garage. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • If parking spots are near areas of high pedestrian traffic, parking blocks can reduce the risk of a car blocking the pedestrian’s path, or worse, hitting the pedestrian.
  • If a parking spot is near a wall, a parking block decreases the chance of a car going too far and hitting the wall. This protects both the driver and those inside the building.
  • Parking blocks can help you make the most of your space.
  • Parking blocks can help you designate certain spaces for special vehicles.

Benefits of Plastic Parking Blocks Over Concrete

Technological advancements have provided us with alternatives to the original concrete parking stops, with one of those alternatives being recycled plastic. If you are considering purchasing parking blocks, here are some of the benefits of purchasing ones made of recycled plastic as opposed to the traditional concrete parking blocks.

  • Plastic parking blocks are lighter, making them easier to transport and install.
  • Parking blocks made of recycled plastic are better for the environment.
  • It’s more difficult to anchor a concrete parking block to gravel or old asphalt, which makes it less effective when used there.
  • Concrete parking blocks require special knowledge to install and maintain. Plastic parking blocks can be installed and maintained by a relative novice.
  • You will have to repaint concrete parking blocks fairly often.

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