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Lonseal Topseal: Caring for your Lonseal Flooring

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When it comes to replacing your boat’s deck, you have many options. From wood to paint to fake wood, the choices are plentiful. With choices come considerations such as price and maintenance too. While we could tell you that you should look at the Lonseal line of products, we’re going to go a little further and explain why we stand by Lonseal flooring options.

The Issue(s)

The primary flooring materials the maritime community deals with are wood, paint (with and without non-skid), linoleum, standard vinyl, canvas, and marine-grade carpets. The issues with all of these materials come down to continual (year-round) maintenance. Even one season without resealing, sanding, or deep-cleaning will cost you not only money but the time it takes to remove and reinstall.

The Solution

In 2019 Lonseal released a new seal coating for their interior flooring options that does away with all of those issues, Topseal.

Topseal is a factory-applied top coat for their marine flooring options. This new sealing solution adds to the floor’s already durable wear layer to further improve the stain and scratch resistance. More importantly, it has also been shown to improve slip resistance—an essential factor for our maritime customers.

Caring for your Lonseal Flooring

While we would never say that this is an install and forget it floor, it’s close. We offer both the Lonseal Loncoin (coin/dot pattern) and Lonseal Lonplate (diamond plate pattern) flooring styles that have a urethane “no-wax” floor finish. This finish allows for a “no maintenance” floor that never requires additional sealants or floor wax.

If it starts looking dull, sweep or vacuum the floor to pick up any debris and mop using a wet rag with a mild cleaner such as Simple Green. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions or solvents on your floor (bleach or acetone, which can damage the vinyl and destroy the shine).

If you’re interested in finding out more about our line of Lonseal flooring options, or any of our other flooring materials, contact us.

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