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Lonseal Boat Flooring Installation Instructions

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Lonseal floors are a great all-season protective sheet-vinyl covering for exterior boat decks and floors that must withstand harsh weather conditions. Lonseal floors have been used in several places, including pools, condo decks, and stairwells for their adaptability.

Step by Step Process of Installing Lonseal Boat Flooring

The following are the steps to follow while installing Lonseal boat floors:

  1. Fill any seams in the acceptable grade plywood boards and polish to eliminate any debris.
  2. Double-check that all products are correctly acclimated.
  3. Using a U-notch spreader, spread the glue and quickly install the flooring.
  4. Lay the flooring while the glue is still a little moist.
  5. Once the flooring is set and aligned, carefully fold the floor over while maintaining a broad radius. Failure to do so could cause severe damage to the flooring, as well as visible defects on the surface.
  6. Using a 75 lb. three-section roller, spread the floor across both planes once installed. You can use a laminate roller if you can’t use a bigger roller due to the boat’s dimensions. If utilizing a smaller roller, make sure you apply adequate pressure to the roller to achieve a strong connection. After rolling, inspect for complete adhesive contact from the base to the rear of the flooring.
  7.  Roll the floor 2-3 hours after installation.
  8.  Weld all joints one day after installation.
  9.  Allow time for the glue to set before applying Lonseal Marine Trim.
  10. Perform initial servicing 48 hours after installation.
  11. The glue will be entirely hardened after 72 hours. Until this moment has gone, keep off the floors.


Lonseal marine-grade sheet vinyl has high tensile strength. As a result, it’s highly damage resistant and resilient. It’s available in several designs and finishes.

One more piece of basic flooring advice for your boatis to avoid materials with gaps or seams that may collect dirt or enable liquids to trickle in.  Feel free to contact us for more information today!

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