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Powerwinch Sport Fish 450 Windlass

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Weight: 21 lb.
Part #: M-PW00450

Product Information

Model: Sport Fish 450
Boat Size: Up to 27 feet (8.2m)
Pulling Power: 450 lbs (204 kg)
Anchor Speed: Up to 150′ (45.7m) / minute
Retrieval Speed: 70′ (21.3m) / minute
Chain Size & Type: (required) 1/4″ (6.4mm) Hi-test ACCO G4
Rope & Chain System: Metal Alloy
Replaceable Rode-Glide: Engineered Resin
Helm Operated Control Switch: Rocker
Avg. Amp Draw: (during retrieval) 8-10 amps
Required Wire Size to Battery: 8 gauge (50′ -15.2m – run) 6 gauge (over 50′ – 15.2m – run)
Standard Equipped Thermal Circuit Breaker: 25 amp auto reset
Overall unit Dimensions: 10-9/16″ (268.2mm) L x 7″ (177.8mm) W x 6-5/16″ (160.3mm) H
Warranty: 2 years
Recommended ANCHOR RODE: #293 through #296 (Sold Separately)

Download the Powerwinch Windlass Manual

PlasTEAK offers Power Winch free-fall windlasses and anchor rodes. These are well-made windlasses that you can rely on to help safely anchor your boat. Add this anchoring system to your existing bow or consider mounting it onto a new custom PlasTEAK bow pulpit with anchor roller (sold separately).

Benefits over free fall windlasses -vs- power down.

  • Fastest way to anchor – Anchor drops up to four times faster!
  • Easiest way to anchor – Free-Fall stops when the anchor has reached bottom.
  • Rope does not collect on your deck while you waste time and effort powering down.
  • Easiest to use – Just hold the helm switch for only five seconds to release free-fall, versus one to three minutes powering down.
  • Precise anchoring location – Anchor your boat where you want it to be, unlike powering down where your boat will drift while you power down.

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