Marine Teak & Holly Boat Interior Flooring

Click on your favorite color for more information or order a sample pack from the link below!

Teak & Holly Flooring -Matte Finish

Teak & Holly Flooring -Satin Finish

Teak & Holly Flooring -Glossy Finish

Teak & Holly Matte Teak & Holly Satin Teak & Holly Glossy

Teak & Onyx Flooring

Wild Cherry & Holly Flooring

Rosewood Flooring

Teak & Onyx Wild Cherry Rosewood

Teak Timber Flooring

Maple & Teak Flooring

Walnut & Holly Flooring

Teak Timber Maple & Teak Walnut & Holly

Teak & Holly has a 5-year limited warranty.

Teak & Holly Flooring 9 Small Samples

Part # S-S0000TH-8

Order our Sample Pack to see and feel our Teak & Holly!

You will receive 9 SMALLER SAMPLES – ONE OF EACH TEAK & HOLLY COLOR: These samples are approximately 2 inches x 4 inches.

All Sample Packs come with our printed catalog. Our Teak & Holly Samples also include samples of our Teak & Holly Trim and Padding.

Our samples are shipped in a 10 x 13 envelope and are shipped via USPS.
The $7.00 charge is to cover shipping in the USA.
Samples to Canada will cost $25.00.
Shipping to all other countries will be $35.00.

Please specify in the comments area if you have any special requests.


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