Marine Teak & Holly Boat Interior Flooring

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Teak & Holly Flooring -Matte Finish

Teak & Holly Flooring -Satin Finish

Teak & Holly Flooring -Glossy Finish

Teak & Holly Matte Teak & Holly Satin Teak & Holly Glossy

Teak & Onyx Flooring

Wild Cherry & Holly Flooring

Rosewood Flooring

Teak & Onyx Wild Cherry Rosewood

Teak Timber Flooring

Maple & Teak Flooring

Walnut & Holly Flooring

Teak Timber Maple & Teak Walnut & Holly

Teak & Holly has a 5-year limited warranty.

Flooring – Teak & Holly – Large Samples

Part # S-S0000TH-3

Order our Sample Pack to see and feel our Teak & Holly!

You will receive 5 LARGER SAMPLES OF 5 SPECIFIC COLORS: These samples are approximately 8 inches x 2 inches. Please specify your color preferences when you check out. Also, feel free to let us know if you have any special requests.

All Sample Packs come with our printed catalog. Our Teak & Holly Samples also include samples of our Teak & Holly Trim and Padding.

Our samples are shipped in a 10 x 13 envelope and are shipped via USPS.
The $7.00 charge is to cover shipping in the USA.
Samples to Canada will cost $25.00.
Shipping to all other countries will be $35.00.


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