Custom Synthetic Teak Boat Yacht Dive Swim Platforms

Custom Built Swim or Dive Platforms


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PRICE: (length in inches) x (width in inches) x .40 = price
$.40 per square inch
(One inch = 25.4mm)
Example: A Standard platform that measures 6′ x 2′ (72″ x 24″) costs $691.20

Plastic Swim Platform Color Choice

Primary Color:
Secondary Color:

Our platforms are truly custom made, one at a time. We build each one to your specifications. The boards can be curved to match the curve of any transom.

Price is based on square inch measure. Hollow stainless steel brackets are additional – rated at 500 lbs. (226.8 kg) each. One is needed for every 2 feet (609.6mm) of platform. We also offer optional welded brackets. Brackets are sold separately.

PlasTEAK Swim Platforms are constructed from boards that are made out of Recycled Plastic. They are UV stabilized solid boards, so the color runs all the way through each piece of lumber.

These plastic boards will not absorb water, paint, stains, or oil. They are resistant to gas, solvents, insects and waterfowl stains. The material will not splinter, chip, crack, warp, or rot.

Swim Platform Available colors: teak, off-white, black, or white.

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