Synthetic Teak Bow Pulpits for Boats

PlasTEAK bow pulpits are custom built. Each one is hand-crafted using UV stabilized Recycled Plastic lumber. These bow pulpits are extremely durable with embedded stainless steel for reinforced mounting. PlasTEAK bow pulpits come with a bottom anchor roller or can be custom built to accommodate surface rollers. Windlasses and anchor rodes are also available (sold separately). The bow pulpits in the photos shown here may have additional hardware, lights, rails, anchors, etc. and these are NOT included with the pulpit.

Recycled Plastic BOW PULPIT

Pulpits can be ordered in lengths of 3, 4, & 5 foot lengths and are all 18 inches wide.

PRICING: The style shown is priced at $150.00 per foot. Price of Pulpit includes an anchor roller. Bow Pulpits can also be custom built to your specifications. Contact us for more information.
3′ PRICE: Weight: 30 lbs.

4′ PRICE: Weight: 40 lbs.

5′ PRICE: Weight: 50 lbs.

COLORS: Teak, White, Off-White, or Black
STRIPES: White, Black, or None

Pulpit Length
Primary Color
Secondary Color
Stripe Color

NOTE: All pulpits are custom made. Custom made products are not returnable.